Scientific Literature on GMOs

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Prominent GMO Critics

Environmental claims

Charles Benbrook

chief scientist of the Organic Center in Oregon, wrote a much-quoted paper claiming that transgenic crops increase pesticide use.


has released several popular-level reports critical of transgenics.

John Losey

researched the potential for monarch butterfly caterpillars to be harmed by transgenic Bt-expressing pollen.

David Suzuki

a respected scientist and science communicator until his retirement in 2001, has not done any GM-related research but has made public statements against GM foods.

Nassim Taleb

an economist interested in the Precautionary Principle.

Union of Concerned Scientists

best known for their report, "Failure to Yield".

Luiz Zobiole

researched mineral uptake in Roundup Ready plants.

Health claims

Mike Adams (Natural News)

the "Health Ranger", runs a website dedicated to alternative medicine and conspiracy theories.

Mark Bittman

food journalist and NY Times columnist, has written several anti-GM articles.

Thomas Bohn (Bøhn)

wrote a paper claiming glyphosate contamination of GM soybeans.

Judy Carman

wrote a study claiming that GM feed was harmful to pigs.

Consumers Union

publisher of Consumer Reports magazine, which has recently come out as anti-GM.

Z El-Shamei

wrote a paper describing minor cellular-level differences in rats fed GM feed.

ENSSER (European Network of Scientists for Social and Environmental Responsibility)

best known for their statement on a lack of scientific consensus for GM safety.

Vani Hari (Food Babe)

has a popular blog questioning the safety of GM products and many other standard food practices.

Don Huber

claims to have isolated a new pathogen associated with glyphosate, but refuses to publish or allow other scientists access to it.

Samuel Leblanc & Aziz Aris

claimed to have found Bt toxin in pregnant women and in fetuses.

Manuela Malatesta

claimed to have found cellular-level differences in mice fed GE soy.

Joseph Mercola

an alternative-medicine web entrepreneur, who has received multiple warning letters from the FDA for his questionable health advice.

Belin Mezzomo

was popularly portrayed as having shown that Bt toxin causes leukemia.

Arpad Pusztai

was portrayed as having shown that GE potatoes have mysterious harmful effects not linked to the proteins they produce.

Stephanie Seneff

an anti-vaccine activist that blames glyphosate for "most of the diseases and conditions associated with a Western diet."

Gilles-Eric Seralini (Séralini)

has written many anti-GM papers. His most famous one involved photographing rats with huge tumors.

Jeffrey Smith (Institute for Responsible Technology)

most famous for "Seeds of Deception" and "Genetic Roulette"

Sándor Spisák

did not actually study transgenics, but has been used by anti-GMO activists because he is believed to have found that DNA from our food can wind up in our bloodstream.

Siriporn Thongprakaisang

researched a possible link between glyphosate and breast cancer.

Socioeconomic Claims

Bill Freese

of the Center for Food Safety, wrote a paper on regulation of transgenics.


is an organization that publishes many anti-GM works and promotes conspiratorial origins for pro-GM organizations.

Vandana Shiva

a public figure who promotes the Indian farmer suicide myth and the "Terminator gene" myth.

Multiple Claims

John Fagan (Earth Open Source)

best known for the book "GMO Myths and Truths".

Mae-Wan Ho (Institute of Science in Society, ISIS)

most famous for the "800+ scientists against GMOs" letter, but has written several other anti-GM pieces.

Henry Rowlands (Sustainable Pulse, GMO Evidence, GMO Seralini, GMO Carman, Global GMO Free Coalition, GM Watch)

is primarily known for running anti-GM websites.

Thierry Vrain

a retired plant and animal scientist, who has not performed original research on GE organisms but is best known for his TED talk about them.

Prominent GMO Advocates


Earth Open Source

Critical Reviews

Michael Pollan

Dr. Oz

Organic Consumers Association

Food and Water watch

Environmental Working Group

Center for Food Safety

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